Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carson's 8th Birthday Party

Saturday, February 13th we (not including Mama and Lydia) went to Carson Collins 8th Birthday party.  I was going to be taking pictures for them and we ended up being the first ones there! :)  Soon more people came in and we celebrated Carson's birthday!

Eden, Sarah, and Maddie playing.

The movie Bolt was soon put in and the TV became like a child magnet...it seemed like everyone was in there watching! :)

As you can tell, this ball contraption was a favorite!  Carson is the first one on the right.

Two girls playing around.

They then paused the movie and we went and ate lunch!

In line!

Carson drinking some Kool-Aid.

If you look closely to the pictures taken after lunch, lots of the children have Kool-Aid stains! :)

Mrs. Collins made the beautiful cake!  She really is creative and this is what she came up with when Carson said he wanted a winter theme.  She put powdered sugar on the top to make it look like snow! :)

Since everybody was already in the kitchen, they went ahead and we sang Happy Birthday to Carson.

Blowing the candle out!

Eating some cake.  I can testify myself that it was really good! :)

Trinity - isn't she adorable?

Everyone eating cake!

Mrs. Collins with her youngest little girl, Abigail. 

Abigail was a preemie so she was really tiny, she is just as precious as they come! :)

After cake Carson opened his presents.

One of the presents Carson got is this putty that when you squish makes these really weird noises.  (I would tell you what it's called but I'll save you the details ;)  It was a huge hit with the boys! :)

Don't you love this boys' face?

As you can tell they were really enjoying themselves! :)


There were lots of cute children at Carson's party, so I just had to take lots of pictures of them:

Trinity was sitting on a little bench, and I would take a picture of her, then she would come over, look at the picture, go back and pose for another picture and then repeat the process!

Meanwhile Hannah (my sister ;) had managed to steal Abigail and she had fallen asleep on her.  (Hannah is an expert at baby-stealing ;)

Baby feet.

The picture doesn't give you enough perspective on how absolutely tiny her feet were.  They are about the size of your pointer finger from toes to heel.  So precious! :)

There she is sleeping! :)

She woke up as I was circling her, getting lots of pictures! :)


Before everyone had left, Mrs. Collins got most of the guests together for a "party picture!"

There you go! 

We left after everyone else was gone with 2 huge platefulls of cake from Mrs. Collins (Thanks!). 

This was my first time ever taking pictures at a birthday party for someone other than family.  I can be fairly shy, so it was a challenge but I enjoyed it! 

Tomorrow, I'll be taking pictures at another birthday party, so hopefully I'll have those pictures up here soon! :)

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

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  1. the 10th one from the bottom is my fav. i like her shirt and the brick background


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