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Jon and Erin: Married!!!

For those of you who are sharp as a tack, you know that one of my goals for this year was to post weekly.  *Ahem* I've missed that goal twice.  :)   No use crying over spilled milk, though, so I finally have Jon and Erin's wedding pictures edited and in this post!  I had them mostly ready last week but then I found out about this wonderful thing called BlogStomp (more on that later), and we went up to my grandparents on the spur of the moment, and, so, I ran out of time.

Anyways, you don't need to know the ins and outs of everything, so let's get to the pictures!

Jon and Erin's wedding day was beautiful.  Jon, who we call Dowy (a nickname my little sister gave him, pronounced Dow-ee), was a constant part of our lives for about 2 years.  He would come over for our weekly Sunday-night popcorn and movie and then stay and talk to Daddy till the early A.M.  (I think 3:30 A.M. was the record.)  They would talk about everything...Dowy's growing up, what he wanted for the future, etc.  Monday mornings we would wake up and wonder if he and Daddy had set a new record for their talk time. :)  Dowy also liked to frequent our house for any occasion...especially when food was involved.  ;)  For awhile it was like having the older brother we'd never had.

Then, in the spring of last year, Mama and some of my siblings went to an herb fair.  There they saw Dowy...and he had some girl named Erin with him.  When they came home, they told us about "Dowy's girl" and we all wondered what she was like, how Dowy met her, i.e.  We hosted a Bread Becker Pick-Up not too long after and we were excited to find out that Dowy was coming and bringing "the girl" with him.

That night we were all introduced to the joy that is Erin. :)  The more we talked with her, the more we liked her.  She lived in a "big" family (by the World's standards) with 4 sisters.  She didn't want to date, dressed modestly, was full of joy, and, all in all, just fun to be around.  

We immediately liked her.

I think that, after our first meeting with Erin, we all were pretty sure Dowy and Erin's relationship was going to be much more than a courtship soon.

At church we'd ask Dowy about Erin and soon they came together to our weekly popcorn-and-movie.  Then Erin started coming to our church and we'd swamp her after church, enjoying every opportunity to talk with her.  It was around this time, that I realized God had provided something I'd prayed for for a long time...a role model.  For awhile I'd been despairing that there were any other girls (older than me) that were holding out for the one, right man God had prepared for them.  I prayed for God to bring a role model into my life and He answered it with Erin.

But back to them.  :)  It seemed like every day after we saw Dowy talking with Daddy, we'd ask Daddy if Dowy had told him about any engagement plans.  It wasn't til late summer that we found out Dowy had the ring and was just waiting for the right time to propose.

To be quite honest, we were impatient.  We wanted to see Dowy and Erin engaged...pronto.  They are both wonderful people and they were so cute together.  More than all of that, though, we could just see that they were meant for each other.

Eventually Dowy proposed under a pier on the Outer Banks.  We got to hear the story from Erin after church one day, and seeing the smile on her face and ring on her finger, made me tear up.  Erin gave me hope that courtship does work, that waiting for the right man is so much better than trying them all out.

I had the privilege of taking their engagement pictures in the fall at Massanutten.  We talked to Erin constantly about her wedding plans, search for a home, finding her dress, etc.  Erin actually showed us a picture of her wedding dress the day before we took their engagement pictures!!

Soon Daddy was asked by Dowy to be in his wedding, Mama, Hannah, and Lexi were asked to sing and play music...and I was asked to take pictures!!!  Dowy and Erin told me that one of Dowy's cousins was going to be the main photographer, but they still wanted me to take pictures.

 I couldn't have been happier.  (Truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of being the main photographer all the time.  I like when someone else handles all the pressure while I just go around and focus on capturing those moments the stressed-out main photographer might miss. :)

Eventually, March 10th, the day of their wedding, rolled around.  They were getting married!!  I had to get up much earlier than usual that Saturday morning, but I was just so excited that they were actually getting married! 

And so the day began.  :)

Erin and Dowy's wedding had a cute vintage/rustic theme.  I was amazed at all the little details Erin organized!

Since we were some of the first people at the church, I went around and took pictures of all the details.

The communion cup and plate and the unity candles.

Erin made all the bouquets and floral arrangements herself.  Didn't she do great?

I loved this idea!  Instead of having a guest book, Dowy and Erin had people sign Jenga blocks so that when they play the game (in years to come) they'll see the names of those who were at their wedding.  :)

So many details!!

This display was in the reception area.  It really added a country feel!

Soon all the groomsmen and the groom himself had arrived, so the formal pictures began!

While the men were having their pictures done in another room, the bride came in the church another way...

...and the curling began! :)

 This is Erin's littlest nephew, Jefferson, and he just stayed on the floor and played in the room where the girls were getting ready.

This is Erin's other nephew, Harrison, getting all handsome!

When Erin's dress was taken out of the bag, I was amazed at how beautiful it was!  I mean, I had seen the pictures of it, but it was so much more gorgeous when right in front of you!

Along with making all the flower arrangements, Erin made her veil!

Before we knew it, it was time for Erin to put her dress on!!

Simply beautiful.

Mama putting the earrings in.

Slipping the shoes on.
Erin bought these Toms and decorated them with verses, figures, and the words "Mrs. Panchision" just for her wedding day. 

Once Erin and the bridesmaids were ready, the main photographer took some pictures of Erin and Dowy...but she did it without them seeing each other.  :)

 Erin's parents.

The main photographer used this empty frame for some bridal party portraits and Erin's nephew took a liking to it! :)

Did I mention how gorgeous Erin is?!!

Love the picture on the right. :)

Before we knew it, it was 15 min. before the ceremony and Pastor Rick came in and prayed.

 The excitement continued to build and everyone was smiling (and nervous!).

Then Erin's youngest sister started crying...

...and so did Erin.

While everyone was lining up for the processional, Erin was behind a corner and I saw her start to cry.  Two of her sisters were standing by her and they shared a sisterly cry..all Erin's (and Dowy's!) waiting was about to end...the emotions were building up and Erin couldn't hold back the tears.

Mama prepping the veil.

Erin's oldest sister and her son sharing a mommy-son moment right before the processional. :)

Getting ready to go down the aisle!!

As soon as the doors to the sanctuary opened, Erin's face broke into a HUGE smile and I could see her lock eyes with Dowy.  I don't think she saw anyone else on the way down the aisle.

Erin's father prayed for the new couple at the end of the aisle.

Then Pastor Rick gave a small sermon.

I love Erin's relationship with her sisters!!

Saying their vows.

Exchanging their rings.

And then their love was sealed with a kiss!
(I almost missed getting this picture!  I was taking pictures of something else and then the wedding coordinator whispered to me "The kiss!!!" and I was like AH!!!  I'm gonna miss it! but I managed to get a quick photo. :)

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Panchision!!!
 The wedding party recessed into a pastors room and there was so much happiness in that place!
 I think all that smiling made Dowy's cheeks sore! :)

Yep...they were excited! :)

 And the hugging began!

Dowy loved just watching Erin...

Once the sanctuary was cleared of guests, everyone made their way back inside to get the rest of the formal pictures done.

While the main photographer organized the massive family photo, I had fun observing the faces of  all the relatives. :)

That's one big family!

This Grandma looked like a lot of fun. :)

The pretty flower girl (she was Dowy's niece)!

While the other photographer was gathering family members, Erin just laid back in Dowy's arms and rested.  It was such a beautiful moment.

Such a great couple!!

Off to the reception!!

Dowy and Erin's cake topper is my all-time favorite. :)

 Cutting the cake!

Erin and Dowy both love Oreos, so they had an Oreo "cake" too!

The reception had light snacks, such as fruits and veggies, meatballs, and Chick-Fil-A nuggets (that's where Erin works and where Dowy first met her!).  Everything was delicious!

 Erin and a grandma. :)

While everyone enjoyed the great food and fellowship indoors, the groomsmen were busy wrapping Erin's car in plastic wrap!

Before we knew it, the time arrived for Erin and Dowy to say goodbye to everyone and head to their honeymoon!!

The picture on the right cracks me up!  Obviously, Jefferson didn't appreciate "girl kisses". :)

The new couple said their goodbyes indoors and then headed out into a barrage of bird seed!

I think Erin regretted letting people throw bird seed at her! :)

After the bird seed attack was over, Dowy and Erin found themselves in front of their wrapped-up car.  Dowy pulled out his pocket knife and started cutting.  Erin started pulling off what she could, too.

Eventually the car was completely free of plastic wrap and Dowy helped Erin into her seat, packed up the last minute things, and hopped in the car himself.

 And then they were off...married happily ever after!!

Kimber :)

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  1. *Squeal*!!! I'm so excited for them! I think my smile was almost as big as Erin's when she was walking down the aisle! And I don't even know them closely! They are just such a perfect couple, brought together by God...I've got a huge smile on my face right now!
    Thanks for the pictures! You did a wonderful job (as always!). =) =) =)

    His Princess,


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