Monday, April 2, 2012

What I Love: BlogStompl

I know I've mentioned Katelyn James on my blog before, because she is one of my all-time favorite photographers!  Anyways, she did a review on some things that save her time in her photography business and BlogStomp was one of them!  I read her post and wanted to try it out, so I asked Daddy if I could try the free download and he said yes!  The free trial downloaded really fast and I immediately set to work...well, more like fun!  I loved it!  I could get so many more pictures organized quicker and better!  Perfect!  I put a few frames together and uploaded one to this blog just to see how fast it would upload.  Voila!  In a few seconds it was uploaded...and I usually have to wait a minute or two for each picture because I don't resize them for the web (shame on me, I know).  Every time you import the pictures into BlogStomp they are automatically resized for the's amazing.  And the import into BlogStomp is amazingly hardly even notice it!

Anyways, BlogStomp was so great that after a few minutes of playing with it, I knew I wanted it.  I got permission from Mama (Daddy was at work and since I was paying...who cares? :) and immediately bought it.  It's that great.

So, if there are any photographers (or bloggers) out there who spend a lot of time figuring out which pictures to upload and how to organize them once they're on your should try BlogStomp!  I think you will be amazed at the time and sweat it will save you!!  (It also saves your readers from having to scroll through gazillions of pictures because you condense a few pictures to one frame.)  For example, I usually spend at least an hour or two on every photo shoot post.  I want to say the right things, organize the pictures well, and provide captions that aren't sloppy or just plain weird.  So, anything that will save me time on the actual post is wonderful...thus, my love for BlogStomp!

Another BlogStomp bonus is that you can easily add your logo to every picture you "Stomp", so when your pictures are on the web no one can copy them without your name being on them.  As soon as I get my new website/blog/logo I will start adding my logo to every picture!!

And just one more great thing about BlogStomp:  it's cheap.  Like, only $49 and that's nothing in the photography world!

If you're still unconvinced, please read Katelyn James' post here or check out BlogStomp's free tutorial here as well.  I trust you will not be disappointed!

Kimber :)

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