Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lexi's 13th Birthday PIctures

Last Friday, Lexi (my sister) wanted me to take some pictures of her to use for her 13th birthday party.  So, when we both were ready, we headed outside for some pictures!

Lexi found this flower before we began our "photo shoot" and she wanted me to take a picture of it.

I must say that it matched her fingernail polish very well! :)

I took Lexi to some places where I wanted to take a few pictures.  On another photographer's website I had read how the eye naturally follows lines in your pictures.  So, I wanted to find some "lines" to lead people's eyes to Lexi's face.  (The article was very interesting...if you want to read it go here!)  So I picked the porch railing because of all the "lines" associated with a porch!

Lexi is so photogenic...I could take pictures of her all day!

Lexi picked the next photo spot and she picked the greenest spot in our backyard! :)

I hardly had to tell her to do any of these poses!  She had so many ideas up her sleeve that all I had to do was snap picture after picture! :)

I love all those little circles in the wood behind her!!

This picture (and the one below) of Lexi in the grass are some of my favorites!  I suggested that Lexi lay in the grass for me and she was like "That was what I was just going to do!"  Great minds think alike, right? :)

In this grassy picture I was laying flat on my stomach...completely level with Lexi!  It was a lot of fun laying in the grass taking pictures! ;)

And the last picture of Lexi for this post!

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

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  1. This is really late...I was just looking through the popular posts. I have to say, I must have the prettiest best friend ever!



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