Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yes, I know...I take lots of pictures of flowers.  :)  They're so beautiful, though, and I need to use my micro lens for something!!!

So, here are some more flower photos! :)

This is a morning glory.  That spot behind it was from a droplet of water that the sun was reflecting off of.  It was pretty neat! :)

Here's another morning glory.  I took these pictures in the afternoon, so the "morning" glory's were not open.  They uncurl only in the morning! :)

These flowers are so much fun!
After they've bloomed they turn into these seed pods.  The seed pods look like little green footballs.  When you lightly press them they pop open and around 10-20 seeds fall out.  It is so neat!

These are some flowers on our butterfly bushes. 

If you want to see how close the micro lens can get, go to one of my previous posts, here.  This is the same butterfly bush but captured with another lens.  That picture was as close as that particular lens would get me and still be in focus.  It's amazing (the difference between micro lenses and non-micro lenses! :)

This was my favorite butterfly-bush flower photo!  I just loved how the sun illuminated the flowers!

Until next time,
Kimber :) :)

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