Monday, October 11, 2010

Nick and Becca Sneak Peaks - 10.9.10.

On Saturday, October 10th, I had the privilege of being the photographer for Nick and Becca!  A few months ago Becca approached me after church and asked if I would be the photographer for her wedding.  I said I would have to pray about it and, after about a week of thinking and praying, I said yes!  I was nervous of course, but so many people were praying for me on Saturday and I had a great time!  Nick and Becca were so much fun...and that definitely made my job much easier!

This is only a preview of some of the photos I took at their wedding.  Hopefully more photos will be coming along later. :)

I absolutely loved Nick and Becca's rings!  Aren't they beautiful??  So, I had to post two pictures of their rings, because I couldn't pick just one! :)

This is the wedding party!  Don't they look like so much fun???!!!  The idea for this picture didn't come from of their family members suggested it! :)

And I'll end with one picture of this wonderful couple:

I hope that, once I finish editing and give the pictures to Nick and Becca, that I'll be able to post some more pictures of their wonderful day! :)

Kimber :)

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