Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rachel is a Senior!!

Rachel graduated this year (Class of 2012!!) at the home school convention, where my sister, Hannah, and I also graduated!!  I was really excited to be blessed with the opportunity to take her senior portraits!!  This was my first ever senior session and I loved it!  I would tell Rachel to do something and she got it automatically.  I was blown away by how easy Rachel made everything for me!!

Enjoy some of my favorite photos!

 We took Rachel's senior portraits at Maymont in Richmond, VA.  I haven't been to Maymont for over a year so it was fun to walk around and find some pretty photo spots!  

One of my favorites! :)

Loved her formal outfit!!

Major favorite here. :)


Congrats Rachel!!  Thank you SO much for letting me do your senior pictures!!
Kimber :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chris and Becky: Married!!!

I had the immense privilege of photographing Chris and Becky's wedding this past Saturday.  Everything about the day was beautiful and God-honoring.  The bride and groom were so laid back, stress-free and totally in love with each other.  I loved watching the two of them could just tell that they were a match made in Heaven.  :)

Chris and Becky, thank you so much for letting me a part of your day!  I had so much fun spending the entire day with you...thanks for always thinking of me and others.  Your love for each other and all those around you made your day perfect.  I love you guys!

Their day started out at Fairmount Christian Church with some threatening weather.  Thankfully the rain held off until late in the afternoon.

I love crepe myrtles. :)

Becky's mother and aunt made all of the bouquets and boutonnieres!

The bride's bouquet!

The bridesmaids flowers were so beautiful yet simple...I loved them!

The stained glass in Fairmount's sanctuary was absolutely gorgeous.

 Becky's mom did all of Becky's make-up.  It was so much fun getting to be with the Parks (Becky's family) all day!  We hadn't seen them all in a few years, so it was great to reconnect after all those years of babysitting my siblings and I. :)

Isn't Becky beautiful?!!

Loved her earrings!

Chris wore the tie his father wore when he got married years ago.

 Making the tie just right!

The father of the bride and the soon-to-be groom. ;)

 Daddy and daughter first look!

Chris and Becky were the bravest couple I've had yet...they agreed to do a First Look instead of the traditional see-her-for-the-first-time-as-she-walks-down-the-aisle!  I was so, so excited!  The First Look was, quite frankly, amazing to watch and it provided a little bit of time for Becky and Chris just to enjoy each other.  It also made it possible to finish all the family formals before the ceremony!  All in all, I love First Looks!
 As soon as Chris saw Becky, he started crying.  It was so sweet!

Wiping away those tears... :)

Love this much!

See the "I Do" on Becky's toes?  Isn't that the cutest thing ever?

 Putting the veil on before the ceremony began.

This is one of my very favorite images from the entire day.

 Becky you are just beautiful!!


 Becky, her Mama and sisters all wore pearls given to them from Becky's grandma.

Attaching the train.

Just a little cutie I found walking around. :)

 Becky's niece handed out the programs.

 Signing the guest book.

Then the ceremony began! 

Watching Chris try and hold back the tears as he looked at Becky made me start to cry!

Becky's uncle sang God Gave Me You, one of my all-time favorite country songs.

The groomsmen put the ring in one of those cheap containers (you know, the ones filled with a small toy, sticker, etc. that you can buy at a grocery store).  Chris threw it at them after he got the ring out. :)

Introducing...Mr. and Mrs. Hagler!!!

After the ceremony, I grabbed Chris and Becky for a few more pictures before we went to the reception.

 Love this window light!!

 The reception had lots of yummy fruit and other snacky foods, as well as a chocolate fountain which was a huge hit, to say the least:

There was a little bench set up with pictures of Chris and Becky's grandparents.

 The bride's cake and...
...the groom's cake. :)  Chris is a firefighter, so his cake suits him well! :)

The daddy-daughter dance made me cry too.  1. It was just so sweet watching Becky and her dad together.  2.  The song they played, I Held Her First, was the song I (in the back of my mind) decided to have played when, Lord willing, I get married and get to dance with my Daddy.  So, to see Becky dancing with her Daddy to that song made me remember to treasure each day with my family because I don't know how much longer I have with them!

 Chris and his mom made me cry too. :)

My little sister, Eden, caught Becky's bouquet. :)

 It was a bit of a task to get to the garter. :)

 Chris and Becky came up with this idea and it turned out so cool!!

 There's a story behind this picture.  Azriel and Titus (the little girl and boy in the picture) love Becky and Chris.  Chris said Azriel likes to think he's her boyfriend and Titus likes to think Becky's his girlfriend.  It was so cute! :)

Amanda and Jessica were just a little cold. :)

 After exiting through all the waving fire hats, we headed over to the Jefferson to get some bridal pictures of Becky.

 Absolutely gorgeous.

 We snuck some bride and groom portraits in there too. :)

The end!

Thanks for looking through all those pictures!  I always forget that I pick way too many photos out to post, but I hope you enjoyed them anyways!
Kimber :)