Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Jackson Family 2012

Where do I start with the Jackson family?!!   You've already met their littlest one, Boaz, because I've had the privilege of taking his 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month pictures.  Today you will get to see him again..and get to meet the rest of his beautiful family!  I've talked a little bit about the Jacksons, here, so I don't feel like I need to go into too much detail.   Let's just say that the Jackson family is one of the best families...ever...and that they are some of my family's closest friends.  Mr. Jackson is hilarious, so he gets along well with Daddy.  Mrs. Kendra is into lots of exercise and making sure her family is fed healthy food, which is right up Mama's alley.  All 11 Jackson kids are full of fun and energy.  Whenever we get together I have at least 2 people talking to me at the same time. :)  I love getting together with them!!  They have kids from 17 years to 1 so everyone in our family has someone to play/talk to.    Some of my favorite memories with the Jacksons are going to have P.E. days at a park nearby.  
But, that's enough of that.  Just know that they're a great family and you'd be immensely blessed if you could meet them one day. :)
This past Saturday I got to take their family pictures!  I was excited because anything you do with the Jacksons is fun...but also nervous because I've never really had to deal with this big of a group.  Thankfully, the Jacksons made my job super easy (of course!) and I had a great time roaming a gorgeous location in Lancaster, VA as I took their photos.

I'll start off with the patriarch and matriarch of the family:

 Aren't they cute?!!

Now that you've met the wonderful couple that is Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, here are the kids (posted in age order):









 Asher...the master of many faces. :)


 Last but not least, Boaz!  I have lots of pictures of him because we combined his 1 year old session with the family session.

 Boaz likes to crawl a lot better than standing up! :)

 The location of these pictures had an old barn, stocks, a whipping post, old clerk's office, and jail from the old days.   In these pictures, Boaz was put in a cell window.  :)

This picture was Elijah's idea. ;)

 Daddy with all his boys.


 Mrs. Jackson with her girls. :)

The girls and their "buddies". :)

Boaz in the stocks. :)

 Just the girls...

All the men! :)



The end!

Kimber :)