Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kaitlyn is a Senior!!

Last week my family went on vacation (which is why I didn't post last week...)!!!  We spent the week at a lovely 10-bedroom oceanfront house on the OBX with Mama's five siblings + spouses + kids, as well as with her parents.  Altogether, when everyone was there, we had 35 people at the beach together!!  Talk about one big, happy family!  The beach was great and, while I was there, I had the privilege of photographing my cousin, Kaitlyn.   She will be a senior this year (Class of 2013!) and wanted some casual photos.  I was more than happy to oblige.  Enjoy my favorites!

 Ain't she purty?! :)

Ha! :)

It was just a tad windy... :)

 I was so glad K.K. didn't mind laying in the sand for me! :)  You're great, K.K.!!

Love her "model face"!  (When I try and do the model face I look like I'm about to kill's me!)

Simply put...this bridge was amazing.

K.K. and I. :)

By the way, K.K. and Sarah, her sister, made a lovely song that I would love for you to listen to.  It's absolutely beautiful and has a great message.  Sarah wrote the words and K.K. the music.  Go here to watch it!

Love ya, K.K.!  Congrats on *almost* being done with high school...forever!
Kimber :)

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