Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boaz: 3 Months Old

My family and I were very privileged to meet the Jackson family this past August.  We actually met them through an ad for a cow they were trying to sell (we had been looking for a cow for years)!  Before we met them we found out that they had 11 kids (one of them, Boaz, being in utero)!  We have rarely met a family bigger than our own so we were excited to meet them!    Anyways, to make a long story short, we bought their cow and kept in contact.  Over the months it has grown from dinner together, to meeting some Sunday nights for popcorn and a movie, and, most recently, 3 hours of exercising together! :)  Yep, my sister, Hannah, and I, spent about 3 hours with the Jackson ladies (and Elijah) biking, jogging, sprinting, stretching, climbing, etc. last Saturday.  Let's just say I was sore after that experience! :)

After the exercise session was over I got to take pictures of the youngest Jackson:  Boaz!  (Wait til you meet this litle guy....he's such a cutie!!)   This photo session was so easy and laid-back (my favorite).  Mrs. Jackson gave me full rein to do whatever I wanted with Boaz so I could let my creative juices run wild. :)  Also the girls, Kyra, Ciara, and Gabrielle were extremely helpful in getting Boaz to smile, holding him, etc.  The first 30 minutes I took pictures Boaz just wanted to nurse and sleep but the last few minutes the girls eeked some beautiful smiles out of him!  (I saved those pictures for very last just to torture you. :)  

So enjoy looking at precious, little Boaz (and some of his siblings)!!
I forgot to tell you that Boaz has the biggest, blue eyes!!  Love them!


Telling his woes to his Mama.

This is his sleepy smile. :)

 I love baby feet and hands!!


...and not so happy.  :-D

The Jacksons had their Christmas tree up between two windows.  The Christmas tree and window light made for a beautiful photo spot! :)

Getting some love from Tobias.


Ciara (left) and Gabrielle (right) holding their little brother.
Out of 11 children the Jacksons only have 3 girls, so we got a "girls + baby" picture!  Left to right: Ciara, Kyra, Boaz, and Gabrielle.

Boaz was much happier when he was freed from his diaper and clothes! ;)

 Elijah (left) and Zane (right) with Boaz.

Tobias and Boaz (again!).

 I try not to be partial but Tobias was so cute that he had to get his own picture! :)

Asher and Boaz.  (The picture on the right cracks me up every time I look at it. :)

Such a little cutie!!

The evolution of a smile:

Love it!!!

Thanks so much, Jacksons, for letting me take photos of Boaz!  He is so precious and I enjoyed every minute together!
Kimber :)

Me and Boaz.

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