Thursday, April 14, 2011

God Answers Unspoken Prayers!!

For a few months now I have wanted a little bag that could carry one, maybe two lenses.  I have a huge backpack that carries everything-camera I own (well, pretty much) and it weighs way too much to lug around a park for 2 hours.  Plus, I don't need every memory card and instruction manual when I'm photographing someone.  All I need is my camera, one (maybe two) lenses, and an extra memory card/battery just "in case."

I had thought about praying for one but never really took the time to sit down and ask God to provide me with one.  I probably just thought "I'd really like a little camera bag," once or twice and left it at that.

Well, last week a friend from church contacted my sister and I (who enjoys taking pictures too!) and asked if we wanted a little Case Logic bag she had.  I said we'd take a look at it and she brought it to church one night. 

It was perfect!

It holds two lenses (my 50 1.8 and one other lens) and contains different pockets where I can put a memory card and a battery!

Isn't the Lord amazing?!  He answered my unspoken prayer just because He could.  Oh, how I love Him! :)

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