Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fuzzy Dandelions

As I was trying to figure out what the below plants were called, I asked my sister, Hannah, and she said "Dandelions."  I was like "Dandelions??  Those yellow flowers?  This doesn't look like a dandelion?!"  
So she said "Why don't you look it up on Google?"  I followed her advice, and lo and behold, she was right!!! :) 

I thought dandelions were those slightly uninteresting, bright yellow flowers. 
Lesson of the day: dandelions have more than one form! :)

Personally I love this form much better than the yellow flower!  
Who doesn't like fluffy white things?! :)

Dandelions (in the form pictured) have always amazed me.  One of my favorite things to do when I was younger (and sometimes now ;) is to see if I can blow the little seeds off the plant. :)  Daddy, being a landscaper, always playfully calls out "No, no, no!" as I blow the seeds away.  (Dandelions are not the lawn care workers best friend! ;)

One last little note:  a website I just looked at said the yellow dandelion flower is the yellow composite flower and the white, fluffy balls are the dandelion's seed head.

Okay, the science lesson is over! :)  
Have a great night!
Kimber :)

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  1. Wow! Love your pictures :)
    Our yard is always full of these. I like them better than the yellow flowers too, these are so much more interesting.


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