Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Cameron

Ever since my Uncle, Sean, got married, we've wondered what it would be like to see him as a Daddy.  Uncle Sean has always been the fun, silly guy who keeps everyone smiling.  Well, a month or two after getting married we heard that Aunt Amanda was pregnant!  We were so excited and 9 months seemed to be forever! :)  Well, the day finally came and little Cameron came into the world on 10/1/11!  Exactly a week later, Mama and my siblings, Hannah, Lexi, and Judah (along with myself) went to take them some food.  And, lucky me, Uncle Sean asked if I would bring my camera along to get some pictures of Cameron! :) :)  

Here are some of my favorites!

Aren't they a beautiful family?

Uncle Sean makes Aunt Amanda smile...a lot! :)


So sweet! :)

 Nope...Uncle Sean definitely hasn't lost any of his humor! :)
(Cameron's imitating his Daddy in this photo!)

Look at his little yawn!!

Neat fact:  Cameron is wearing the outfit that Uncle Sean wore when he was brought home from the hospital!

Baby cries are so precious!
(When I said this Uncle Sean replied, "Well, I'll call you at 2 A.M. and let you hear that 'precious' baby cry!" :)


 I don't think anyone can ever tire of the tininess of a newborn!

Baby feet!!

 Can everyone say a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.?

One last photo of the little family:

The End!

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