Friday, May 27, 2011

The Blue Family

Last Saturday I had the privilege of photographing the Blue family!  They are such a fun, sweet family and for a few months I've wanted (secretly ;) to take pictures of them. Mr. and Mrs. Blue's love for each other is so sweet and inspiring, and the children are so happy!  Conclusion:  they're a gorgeous and just-plain-wonderful family! :)

See what I mean?  
(Miss Trinity (middle) wasn't too excited about pictures at first, but I've got some happy pictures coming up! :)

Kendall is the oldest child of the family.  She was very willing to go wherever I wanted her to go for pictures and has a beautiful smile!

Lovin' on Daddy...

Micah is the oldest boy and a little shy but very sweet too!

I think the below photo is one of the sweetest Father-Son pictures ever!  I just love how Micah has his hands around his Daddy's can just feel the love and trust emanating!

Trinity (the second girl) wasn't excited about standing for first.  She warmed up as soon as she could go play, but I thought that even her "not so happy" faces were adorable!

 Kendall came over as we were attempting to get Trinity to smile, and helped us out a little bit!  I thought this series of photos were too cute not to post! :)


...and then not so happy...
Once we were finished with "posed" pictures Trinity really warmed up and started smiling like crazy.  I have to admit, I think the 0-4 age range is one of my favorite ages to capture!!

I love the way Trinity walks.  She looks like a little princess:  hands held behind her back, walking slow and's absolutely adorable!

Now I'll introduce you to Miss Lily, the youngest member of the family, and such a cutie-pie!

Getting some love from sweet!!


Isn't she precious??!!

At the beginning of the photo session, Mr. Blue said to Mrs. Blue, "Want me to pick you up like I did on our wedding day?"  Mrs. Blue was a little hesitant, so we didn't take the pictures then, but at the end of the session Mr. Blue offered again and Mrs. Blue agreed!  I was so happy!! 

Aren't they so sweet?!!!  I could go on and on about them!
Love, love!!

One last picture of this beautiful family, before I end:

Mr. and Mrs. Blue, the way you love on your children is so real and so beautiful.  Mrs. Blue, the way you respect and love your husband is just plain amazing.  Mr. Blue, the way you shepherd your family is a joy to watch.  You all are such a blessing to me and my family!
Thank you so much, Blue family, for letting me capture you guys!!

Love in Christ,
Kimber :)

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