Friday, November 11, 2011

Grant and Courtney: Engaged!!!

One day this past February, we were over at Courtney's house celebrating her birthday.  We ate some yummy snacks, talked, and played a version of "Hot Potato" in the front yard (in the cold, Feb. weather), and then watched Courtney and Grant (who happens to have the same b-day) open their gifts.  Once all the gifts were opened, there was a little bit of an awkward silence for a few minutes.  And I don't remember exactly how it started but Courtney soon started out on a game that led her to a note card, then to another.  After going from the front yard to the backyard, into the house, then outside again, over and over again she finally stopped by their T.V.  She found the hidden note, read the rhyming words, and then, when she looked up, Grant was down on one knee.  And he proposed (rhyming the whole time!)!  Her reply was a joking "I don't know, Grant", and when everyone laughed, she said "Sure" with a big smile.  They were engaged!!! :)

So, there you have their story!  Here are some of the engagement photos we took last Saturday at Maymont Park.  Enjoy!

This picture just makes me smile:

Love this next one!!

Nothing like some Fall colors!


Aww...Courtney, look at you!

Yep, Court and Grant were sitting on a tree a few feet off the ground!

I'm so glad they decided to get up on this tree because these next two pictures became some of my favorites from the day:

This was totally their idea.  (Honestly, if my photographer asked me to go in this tree, I probably would've had my fiance go in there and clean out the spiderwebs/bugs before I would venture inside.  But this was, once again, Court and Grant's idea so they didn't even hesitate! :)

 I can't pass up a chance for a silhouette!!

Such a pretty ring!  (Good job Grant ;)

 Look at this tree!!!  Oh, how I love Fall!

Congrats, Courtney and Grant!  I'm really looking forward to your wedding next April!  :)
  I pray the Lord continues to guide you two as you search out His will for your lives.

Love ya!
Kimber :)

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  1. Great pics, Kimber!!! Love 'em!!!! =D

    Little correction on the engagement thing though.... When he first asked me to marry him, I made a little joke and said, "I don't know, Grant..." Then after everybody laughed I said, "Sure." =)

    Just sayin'!!! =P



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