Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Nash Family

The Sunday before Thanksgiving our family went to my great-uncle's house for a Thanksgiving meal!  The food was really yummy and we saw lots of our relatives.  After the stuffing lunch (no pun intended), I took some quick family portraits for my Uncle Sean, Aunt Amanda, and cousin, Cameron.  (You may remember Cameron from the newborn pictures I took of him!)
I don't usually start my posts with unhappy pictures but Cameron's face was too precious!  He obviously didn't appreciate being placed on the fence post. :)


Cameron was much happier being held!

A little Daddy love!

One beautiful family! :)

The Lord has blessed me immensely with lots of photo shoots this year (11 for the entire year)!  I had a photo shoot this past Saturday (pictures will be coming), I have another one this weekend and my last one of the year (right now :) is on Dec. 17th.   

I've really been enjoying all these opportunities to fine tune my skills and bring glory to Jesus!
Kimber :)

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