Saturday, January 21, 2012

My New Favorite Purchase :)

I'm not sure how many of you who follow this blog and also follow my family's blog.  If you don't keep up with my family blog, this post will be completely new to you.  Those who do keep up with my family blog, though, will probably remember this picture:

I had posted this picture on a post about my 16th birthday.  Daddy, Mama, and I visited Myrna's Boots and Bits and I got to try on some cowgirl boots. I've tried cowgirl boots on once before and I've wanted my own ever since. :)  [The thing that's held me back has been the price.]

The above pictured boots were my favorite (from the ones I tried on)...I couldn't find any that I liked better.  

And, after weeks of agonizing over spending $140 on shoes, I bought them.  :)  [One of the reasons I could justify the purchase was because they're supposed to last forever, especially if I take care of them.]
I ordered these boots from Amazon and they arrived days before they were "calculated" to arrive (yay!).  I really, really like them.  Yes, they were expensive...I used all my birthday money, an Amazon gift card, and some money from work to get these boots, but I think it was worth it! 

Ariat makes these boots and supposedly they make them with equestrians in mind (and I'm an equestrian in my dreams, you know...).

I've never been one to be obsessive about long as they match what I'm wearing and are pretty, I'm good.  I can honestly say that these boots have me more excited than any other pair of shoes.  :)  My siblings brought the box up to our room while I was doing History with my sister and I had to stop school, just so I could try them on.  I didn't just try them on either...I had to put my cowgirl shirt and jeans on too.  :)

 Yes, I've got a little bit of country in me! :)  Who could go wrong with horses, jeans, barns, and more?

 One of my favorite things about these boots is the floral, blue pattern on the sides.

I love how these boots look great with jean skirts, or any other kind of skirt.  They go well with practically everything!

So there you have a look at my new favorite purchase! :)

I would wear these constantly but I don't want them to get destroyed yet, so I'm going to reserve them for "going out" or for riding horses only when it's very, very dry! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
Kimber :)

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