Friday, January 27, 2012

My Little Brother

I have this little guy that I really, really love.  He's mischevious, way too cute, and has the biggest, and best, smile I've ever seen! :)

Meet my brother:

Yes, I also have 7 other siblings who are the best in the world...but today, this post is about my youngest sibling, Judah. :) can that smile not light up your day?

My oldest sister, Hannah, was reading Judah a book last week and he would close the book, then Hannah would tickle him and get these smiles out of him. :)  I was sitting at the computer doing something and I had to pick up my camera and capture his little chubby cheeks!

I'm not sure why little ones seem to grab you so strongly...maybe it's just because they're so tiny...

...or always have a way of getting into things and upsetting you one second and then making you want to whip them up into your arms and give those cheeks a big kiss in the next. :)

 Maybe it's the wonder they hold in their eyes as they discover something new.

Or it could be that they smile so easily?

Maybe it's his blond hair...
...or big, blue eyes.

Whatever the reason...

...this little guy... oh, so precious to me!

Kimber :)

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