Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chris and Becky: Engaged!!

I've known Becky for as long as I can remember.  Her family went to our old church for awhile and her parents babysat my siblings and I fairly often.  Becky's Mom led one of our church plays that we kids were in and we stayed overnight at their house once and "helped" Mrs. Parks make chocolate roses (using Hershey Kisses and red plastic wrap :) to take to Mama when my new baby brother, Seth, was born.  The older we got, the less we saw the Parks' but we still loved to stop by their house and say "hi" whenever we could.    It seems like just yesterday that we were playing dress-up in their shed, having Mrs. Parks read her special books to us (Max Lucado's Wemmicks being one), and playing "Narnia" with Becky's brother, Stephen, and sister, Jessie.  Good times!

Anyways, it had been about 2 years since we last saw the Parks'.  My grandparents had gone to a movie earlier this spring and saw Becky and Jessie at the theater.  Becky told them that she was engaged and to put a bug in my ear about doing her wedding pictures.  I was excited but didn't hear anything from Becky for a few weeks so I almost forgot about it!  

Then Becky called one day and said she still wanted me to do her pictures!

I met up with Becky and her fiance, Chris, last week.  We went and took pictures at Chimborazo Park and some other scenic spots in Richmond.  I had a great time!  Chris and Becky are so easy to photograph and they were more than willing to do anything I asked which made my job SUPER easy!  (It doesn't hurt that they're one gorgeous couple too!)

The picture on the left is the very first picture I took...told you they were good!  :)

 Becky and Chris wanted to take pictures at Chimborazo Park because that is where they shared their first kiss AND got engaged!!  Actually the place where they're standing in the above pictures is where they had their first kiss!

This place is where Chris proposed.  I got to hear the proposal story from both sides and there was one part that made me Chris was getting down on one knee to propose (or maybe he was already on one knee...I don't remember the exact details), Becky snatched the ring box out of his hand, cutting his proposal short, to see what the ring looked like! :) 

I loved the brick, pillar-adorned gazebo at Chimborazo!

Mr. Chris told me that his grandparents have a picture of them kissing right around this area.  So he and Becky wanted to get a picture of them re-creating that photograph with each other!

Love this light!!

Aren't they a beautiful couple?!!

Nice, Becky!!

I haven't shot around Richmond before, so it was so much fun looking for great photo spots!  This brick wall covered with ivy was perfect for some pictures!!

Checkin' out the hottie. :)

Love these!!

Chris and Becky's rings were beautiful!!  Becky's ring was just flat out gorgeous and I loved the four words inscribed in Chris' ring:  God, strength, faith, and honor.

There you have Chris and Becky!  I'm really looking forward to their wedding in August!!

Kimber :)


  1. Great job! I love the pictures and the couple :)

  2. Wow, I have really loved all the pictures you have taken! What a gift God has given you! Thank you for sharing so all can enjoy! These are super cute too! I loved that you used Richmond to do them!
    Robyn Wilson-Erin P.'s mom =)


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